About us

Argo Piraeus was founded in the early ‘80’s and since then it operates successfully in the imports / exports industry and customs clearance. To this day, our company specializes in international freight shipping and is associated with reliability, safety and the excellent quality of services provided. These values are inextricably linked with the founder of Argo Piraeus, Mr Anastasios Saltis, who is a customs broker and international transportations professional for more than thirty years.

The last years, Argo Piraeus carries out exports and shippings (containers) from Greece to the USA, Canada and Australia. With a wide distribution network in these countries, we can guarantee the safe and fast shipping/delivery of any cargo to its final destination. We have maintained our reputation in the market for more than three decades, by carefully selecting our partners in Greece and abroad. Our goal is to provide the best services to our customers and the immediate and safe pick up and cargo shipping.

Argo Piraeus’s staff is made up by experienced professionals in the area of international freight shipping and customs clearances. Our services include:

  • Cargo Packaging (carton and pallets)
  • Safe wrapping of objects and goods
  • Freight insurance services
  • Door-to-door deliveries (in Greece and abroad)

Argo Piraeus maintains its multianual presence in the market and continues to develop by investing on its human resources and by acquiring machinery for loading and transfering cargo. The ongoing partnerships that we have with our customers, certify the high level of quality of services that we provide in the area of the international freight shipping.

ΑναWe will successfully transfer:

  • Household and personal goods
  • Automobiles
  • Commercial Freight
  • Olive oil and all its derivatives

Argo Piraeus, considering carefully the needs of the Greek and international markets, mainly the USA, Canada and Australia, has been steadily developing partnerships in the recent years, with olive oil producers from Greece and especially the island of Crete and Peloponnisos . Today the shipping of olive oil is one of Argo Piraeus’ main services. We are very knowledgeable about the specific product, therefore, we undertake its' safe packaging and shipping abroad.