Freight Customs Clearance

Argo Piraeus assumes smooth and immediate completion of all customs procedures and freight customs clearance. Whether you want to send a parcel, ship freight or an automobile abroad, our company will undertake on your behalf, any activity that requires customs formalities, providing customs clearance services.

Argo Piraeus has partnered with a team of customs officers, who are specialists in handling procedures and customs formalities relating to import/export customs clearance of goods from the USA, Canada, Australia and the rest of the world. Our expertise and competitive prices, have established Argo Piraeus over the years, as a reliable partner, for both wholesalers and private individuals, regarding international freight shipping.

Contact us today to get well grounded information on the required documents and cost for the successful completion of all necessary customs procedures.


Argo Piraeus offers:

  • Import / Export Customs clearance
  • Private (Automobile, Boats) and Commercial Freight Customs clearance
  • Advisory services on customs procedures
  • Immediate calculation of duties and taxes
  • Transhipment and cargo transit

Strategic co operation and organization between clearing and the imprort/export departments of our company, allows for the immediate release of goods and receipt thereof.