Greek Olive Oil Export

Argo Piraeus, with the substantial rise of olive oil production and export, undertakes the packaging and shipping of Greek olive oil to the USA, Canada and Australia. Our broad knowledge of the product and its derivatives and our expertise in transportation and export services, has established Argo Piraeus as a trusted partner of major olive oil producers from all over the country and especially Crete and the Peloponnese. Our widespread network of partners ensures safe and timely transportation of the product to our warehouses near the port of Piraeus.

Olive oil is a delicate product. In order to safeguard its flavor, taste and color, great attention is required to the storage and management of the product. Our company undertakes the dispatch of olive oil in all packages, from barrels to glass bottles. When necessary, our experienced personnel has the capacity of transfusing the product in special containers available. We then place them in special plastic bags and double boxes to optimize the trasportation of the product, so it will remain unaltered. Argo Piraeus undertakes the shipment of olive oil to the USA, Canada and Australia and we will carry through for you all customs procedures necessary. Our olive oil export services are offered to traders and individuals.


By witnessing the growing demand for fine quality Greek products by foreign markets, we will also safely ship:

  • Honey
  • Aromatic plants such as oregano, mint, thyme, lavender, etc.
  • Feta cheese in brine
  • Alcoholic drinks